Vacation Rentals are available in all kinds of house rental properties in the Dominican Republic and the rest of the Caribbean: beach condos, beach house. penthouse, villas, bungalows offering that feel of home in a new holiday destination.

Travelers have the opportunity to learn more about a specific vacation rental and its location without having to commit financially right away. 

We either own, lease or manage sales for business partners. In either case you will always have a responsible person around to help with keys and any needs that may come up!

All properties are handpicked and will garantee a North American or European satisfaction standard!

Reservation Policy is as follows:

1. Prepaiment for reservation (show us you are a real purchasor)                                                                                           2. Deposit for rental agreement                                                                                                                                             3. Cash when check in

We wish a very nice vacation with lots of Sunshine!

Paul Sunshine Team